Chicory Kin Floral & Apothecary




These plant medicine offerings are put out into this world + to those who occupy it with intentions to nourish, share, and heal. We aim to demystify plant medicine by inspiring and empowering others to be your own healer and reconnect to the land. Chicory Kin offers small batch, wild-crafted + home grown body care and spirit medicine. We are strict about sustainable foraging and harvesting respectfully: never taking more than needed, leaving a spoken prayer or physical offering of gratitude, and tending to the land that tends to us all.

Developing a relationship with the natural world can awaken infinite paths of inspiration, growth, and opportunities to heal. We wish to share the importance of recovering a personal connection to our Earth and each being we share it with.





All of the plants collected for our products, unless noted otherwise, have been hand-harvested and locally foraged in upstate NY and eastern TN. Each essence, oil, salve, and tincture are made in small batches when the season provides- allowing the maintenance of original potency and high quality plant medicine.


Flower Essences

Flower essences are both plant + energy medicines. Gentle and subtle yet transforming remedies- they are as unique as the individual who works with their medicine. Being a vibrational remedy, essences work to target the spaces within us that hold stuck emotions, confined perspectives, and negative thought patterns. Each bottle contains the energetic imprint of a specific flower infused in spring water +held in brandy. I find that essences are most effective when accompanied by a set intention. Find a quiet moment to go deeper into the space of your body. Breathe here. Find your awareness. Consider where you want to expand, what you want to release. Flower essences have a kind of wisdom which works with(in) a human body to help balance and find harmony. So often the pace of our days do not allow the proper time to sit with each emotion, each experience that moves us in some way. However, with the simple and accessible medicine of flower essences, we are offered a chance to slow down, come back, and go forth a little lighter. The human spirit is capable of transformation.